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What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen: Element no. 1, Element Symbol: H
Colorless and Odorless. Known as the lightest gas on Earth.
Generally, hydrogen is known as(H2

Hydrogen is gaining attention from several field nowadays




Why is “hydrogen” gaining attention?

  • It is known to control active oxygens accumulated from daily stressful lifestyle.
  • It has great anti-oxidant effect due to its size. Its particle can reach anywhere in human body. It can even go through human brain cells.
  • It reacts with harmful active oxygens and turn into harmless water (e.g. sweat, urine, etc).
  • Known to have effects on anti-aging, anti-fatigue, blood sugar inhibition, improving constipation, and even towards burning fat.
  • Hydrogen is being used not only for medical field, but for beauty and anti-aging field for past few years.

These are several reports proving that hydrogen is beneficial for our health.
Thus research and treatment for increase life span of healthy state is gaining popularities around the world

Active Oxygen and Oxidation

Why is hydrogen known to be beneficial to our health? Active oxygen is one factor that is detrimental to our health.

Active oxygen is generated in our body by several external factors, which leads to oxidization. Normally, active oxygen functions to decompose foreign substances and toxins found in our body. However, at the same time it can damage cells, internal organs, and genetics. This can lead to several diseases while speeding up aging.

Just as we get sick and lose strength when our body oxidizes, nails lose its strength when it oxidize (rust)

Why is Hydrogen good for us?

Hydrogen only reacts with harmful active oxygens, and removing them from our body.

Ways of taking in Hydrogen

There are wide-selections of hydrogen products currently available in Japan, however it is said that inhalation is the most effective way of taking in Hydrogen. In December 2016, the concept “hydrogen gas inhalation therapy” was approved as an advanced medical treatment B by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Japan.


Absorption via digestion
(Stomach, Intestine, etc)

Hydrogen Water

Absorption via digestion
(Stomach, Intestine, etc)


Absorption via skin


Absorption via inhalation
(Nasal Mucous and Lungs)

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