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Update as of October 17th 2021

A study of the effects of inhaling active form of hydrogen toward Post Covid (Long COVID-19) has been conducted in Russia.  The paper was published on Cardiovascular Therapy and Prevention. Vol 6, 2021.

Shogenova L.V., Truong T.Ch., Kryukova N.O., Yusupkhodzhaeva K.A., Pozdnyakova D.D., Kim T.G., Chernyak A.V., Kalmanova Е.N., Medvedev O.S., Kuropatkina T.A., Varfolomeev S.D., Ryabokon A.M., Svitich O.А., Kostinov M.P., Kunio I., Hiroki M., Chuchalin A.G.
Hydrogen inhalation in rehabilitation program of the medical staff recovered from COVID-19.
Cardiovascular Therapy and Prevention
. 2021;20(6):2986.